Be part of helping our low-income community thrive. Our Community Sponsorship Program allows companies and individuals an opportunity to share in the work of Burbank Housing and provide new paths to lifting up our community.


To support a wide range of projects, from educational and health services for residents to new affordable housing construction, there are three main donation levels for the friends of Burbank Community Sponsorship program.  

Welcome Wagon

Give up to $50,000 to help us welcome new residents or provide Resident Services programming.

Recognition: Co-sponsor listing for a property's Grand Opening.

Building Partners

Provide $50,000 - $100,000 towards supplies, manpower, or other costs associated with building a new development.

Recognition: Listing on Property Marquee Signage

Foundation Friends

Contribute over $100,000 towards the completion or construction of a new development. 

Recognition: Sponsorship of Community Center Building